Tuesday 9 January 2007


Spent Christmas in Vanuatu's largest island, Efate.   Most of my time was spent snorkelling/diving in amongst the island's coral reefs.  



.. not sure what the last one is..

Efate had great roads for driving around on.. 

Children swimming in the water everywhere, and the local poison..


Ingunn has more pictures..

Have bought a new bike this weekend, the rest of it was spent wandering fruitlessly about the city enjoying the summer.  Recently read : Resplendent by Stephen Baxter, a bunch of short stories around the Destiny's Children series;  Next by Michael Crichton, a topical book about gene ownership; Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris,  this tells the story of Hannibal Lecter's childhood.. garbage, especially compared to previous titles like Red Dragon.  Am currently reading The Life of Pi, which is so far one of the best books i've read in awhile.

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