Wednesday 12 April 2006

SlickRun + Playing Travel Agent

Recently I've discovered SlickRun. This great app lets you launch products, web pages, and is a small global floating window that can sit anywhere on your screen. It can also serve as a small notepad for throwing text in there (better than launching notepad.exe).

I highly recommend it.

So, the other night I was playing travel agent and realized what a pain in the neck it is to use the travel sites out there. Most have appaulling date/time pickers and require many mouse clicks to simply search for a flight.

I've set up a MagicWord for SlickRun that accomplishes this task very elegantly. All you need to do is type:

fly sydney to london may 05 - 25

And you get a ton of search results.

Just create a MagicWord called "fly" and set the url to:$I$

Love it.


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