Sunday 2 April 2006

Shortcut Keys

Once a year I happen to learn about a new shortcut key that just amazes me. Usually it’s because it’s something I didn’t know was possible or was possible but required to many mouse clicks. Recently I learned of control-space and had that same reaction.


In Microsoft Word, selecting text and typing Control-Space will clear the formatting. Since I do this dozens of times a day when copying/pasting text into Word Mail this is super handy.

Control-+ (NumPadPlus)

This will cause any item list control in Windows to “Auto Fit” I use this all the time in the explorer shell to make all the columns in details view automatically fit to the items in the list.  As far as I can tell, this shortcut is not documented anywhere.


This will launch the Explorer Shell to the My Computer View. I do this dozens of times a day.


This will display the desktop and hide all application windows.


This will Lock your desktop or switch user if you have FUS turned on.


In Outlook this will hide the folder list, giving your reading pane more room to view a message.


If you have Office Communicator, this will expand it from the Tray and place focus in the Word Wheel Control so you can quickly initiate a chat.


If you have Windows Desktop Search, and the Taskbar Toolbar visible, this will place focus in that control.


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