Saturday 1 April 2006

Consolidated Blog

Well, i've updated this site with the old entries i'd done for blogger.  If anyone is interested in coverting from blogger -> dasBlog, here's how i've done it:
  1. Got a copy of the atom.xml file on my blogger site
  2. Create a console application, which references the dasBlog.Web.Runtime.dll
  3. Parse the atom.xml, extracting all "entry" nodes and extract relevant infomation e.g. CreatedDate, Contant, Title.
  4. For each node parsed, created an instance of the Runtime.Entry class, populate properties, and save using saveEntry method.
  5. Generates a whole bunch of xml files in web/content directory, which can be copied directly on to the webserver hopsting this site.  
Took about 20 mins, and have attatched the solution (VS2005) for those interested. (208.84 KB)

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