Monday 25 February 2008

Jervis Bay

Lots of sunshine, white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear sea water.  Only 3 hours drive from Sydney too, we stayed in a beach hut beside GreenFields beach which was like something you'd see on a postcard.


Back to reality now, and it's less than a month till we're back in London, seems unbelievable, still so so much to organise.  Can't believe I arrived in Sydney with a single backpack.  I've got my Australian passport at long last now though, the final hurdle so can always escape back down here if needs be. 

Been listening to Jack Johnson's new album Sleep Through The Static, I never really like his previous work, but this one has really grown on me.

Have also been sumbling around the web, love the fact the stumbleupon have added a image/video/wikipedia category to their excellent browser plug-in.  If you haven't set it up already should do so, will transform your web browsing experience.

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