Thursday 17 August 2006


Have been using the newly released  Windows Live Writer to publish text to this blog.  It's pretty handy, here are some thoughts.
  1. I love how it handles Drafts. You just close the window and it autosaves, You can keep a long list of draft items (I like to treat my drafts as todo's for blog posts). All the draft UI is handled seamlessly in the application.
  2. It's great to be able to preview your post using the CSS of your blog. Very innovative.
  3. Inserting Pictures is easy for a change. I like the border and drop shadow effects.
  4. Love the insert Map
  5. Come to think of it, I like the fact that there is an API. I've just finished writing a plugin  :-)
Whilst i'm on a nerd theme, the Visual Studio Service Pack 1 has been finally released, which can be downloaded  here

Doing the Sydney marathon again this year, my number is 191589 for anyone who is interested. It starts on Sunday 17th September , and this is the route it takes.  The race begins at 6.30am, so i reckon i'll be done by 10.30-11ish then off to the Opera Bar for a couple of beers.  It'd be good to see such a massive turnout of people (2) to come and cheer again, as last year.

Currently reading The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason; a damming critique of religion, and a great book for any of you fellow athiests.  Very well written too.

Currently listening to Keane : Under the Iron Sea - not bad, maybe abit whiney, and one of those albums I need to listen to about 3 times to get into.  And, The Verve : This is Music ; a collection of thier singles with some previously unreleased songs.

Ingunn and I are going for a holiday here soon.  Can't wait.


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