Monday 26 June 2006

Google Maps covers Sydney

About time too. Google Maps now includes Sydney and NSW in general. It's pretty impressive, however I still couldn't get Google Maps to locate my address. I tried several different permutations and still nothing. I tried big landmarks such as 366 George St in the city and not a sausage. Maybe they haven't implement the mapping engine 100%, but already it's already looking smart. All the roads are there, even the backroads.

Compared to the appaulling Whereis mapping engine, this is far superior. When Google add the direction engine I can't see any reason why I would want to use Whereis.

Actually, Google have put Australia on the map not just NSW.

Over the flu now, but sick with listening to Aussies  harp on about how their team can win the world cup on self confidence and self belief alone.   I reckon they'll get a lesson in football from Italy tomorrow.

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