Thursday 15 June 2006


Have been pretty much bed-ridden at home with the flu virus for the last 5 days.  It's been awhile since I last had it, and blimey i'd forgotten just how completely debilitating influenza can be.  Shivering chills, non stop head aches, diziness and complete exhaustion.  I've been taking loads of Lemsip and other cold/flu tablets to "reduce the symptoms"  but have decided they actually make the problem worse.  They do definitely provide temporary relief from fever and coughing no doubt, but always trick you into thinking you are much better than actually you are, so off come all the layers of jumpers;  only problem is your body's fight against the flu hasn't changed.  After all the paracetamol has worn off I find I feel even worse than before I took the Lemsip/whatever.  Then again any kind of relief from a high fever has got to be worth it.

Apparently there's "lies, damned lies and statistics" but I read this today and found it quite funny :
  • 22% of Americans believe in evolution; 69% believe in angels; 46% believe they have a personal angel


And have just been looking at the Google ads that have been appearing on my site recently (look to the right and scroll down) - there seem to be a spate of ones for plumbers, for example i just got:  " 24/7 Sydney plumber"  "Drain Unblokers, Sydney".  I've no idea how/why google adsense thinks these are relevant to the content in my site...?   Ingunn thinks it is because of all the shit in it. 

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