Thursday 1 May 2008


7 weeks to go till the wedding, with one or two things still to organise.  We are doing the ceremony outside so there are a ton of things that can and will go wrong. Rains is pretty much guaranteed, snow? It is in Norway after all.

Enjoying life back in London for now though, we've got an apartment in what i originally thought was stuffy district of Chiswick, but turns out is quite upbeat.  Do still long for the sun and surf of Sydney, but being closer to family and old friends again is fantastic.  London itself has changed too, seems cleaner and more of a buzz compared to 6 years ago.  More continental even.  Listening to all the new/old radio stations, I even found myself enjoying any answers last weekend!

Spring here now, bluebells a-plenty..  This one was taken in my parents garden recently



I love fonejacker, hilarious. Just finished reading Persuasion, the art of influencing people.  Great book, watch out!



Hopefully next week will be less hectic.

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