Thursday 20 December 2007

Christmas Time Again

I still can't get used to Christmas in the Southern hemishphere.  Plastic Christmas trees all around the city are wilting from the heat, fake snow sprayed on the windows is used to give a good block from the sun, and seeing santa at Bondi beach this morning with board shorts on was hilarious.

So this year Ingunn and I are escaping it all again, and driving up north to Byron Bay for a weeks break.  We're staying in an apartment that is literally spitting distance from the main beach itself and only a few minutes walk fromo the heart of Byron.   Byron Bay is one of my favourite spots in NSW and i reckon this break will be an excellent opportunity to do nothing, surfing, reading, eating, drinking.

Although I'm planning on doing quite alot of surfing in Byron i'm quite wary of all the white pointers that have been spotted in the area.  This one was spotted by a fisherman in Newcastle, and there were some surferes/kayakers stalked by one in Byron recently. I'd love to see one in the wild though.


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