Sunday 23 September 2007

Sydney Marathon 2007

Despite being unsure about this years marathon, things went alot better than i was expecting.  The race started off pretty cold in the morning, but as soon as the clouds shifted it quickly became blisteringly hot.  I felt good running the first half of the race, no problems with the legs/feet and full of energy, but after about 30km really started to tire and began wishing i'd worn a cap to block out the sun, especially as there few trees around for shade.   The last 10 km were absolute agony, reminiscent of the horrors of my first marathon, but i managed keep going without stopping (apart from drinking at the aid stations) as I just wanted to get it over and done with.  My finishing time was 3 hours 26 minutes 32 seconds, which I'm quite proud of, and surprised of really.  I was aiming for just under 4 hours at the beginning, but decided to go at a pace that i felt ok with.   The first half i ran in 01:38:23, which was why i think i tired so much in the second which was run in a slower 01:48:09.

The winner of the Sydney marathon ran it in 2 hours 14 minutes which is an astonishingly fast time, he must have bionic legs.  (here are the full 2007 race results)

If i run the marathon again, I think i'll find it hard beating that time, it really took everything out of me;  who knows, i'll re-asses it in 6 months time. For now though I'm in agony,   walking is just so painful, my front thigh muscles feel like they have been torn out and stretched on a rack for a day or two, but it was worth it! 

Looking forward to a summer of surfing now. 

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