Saturday 5 May 2007

Top of my wishlist

The  iMate Momento 100 Picture Frame, which has a 10 inch 800 x 480 picture frame that has built in WiFi. You can plugin a memory card or USB drive with photos on them, or better still connect to the Momento Live Service and stream photos that to it.   You can also get photos to it by using Windows Media Connect from your Vista or XP Computer.

But the best part is, Momento supports Vista SideShow Gadgets (not SideBar). This means that you can download and use a bunch of gadgets on the Windows Live Gallery and enable them for use on the picture frame. The data then renders very nicely over the photos as the slide show goes.

At the moment it looks like the device only supports WEP and WPA for Wireless Encryption, but a firmware upgrade will support WPA2.

I've tried to order it on Amazon, but annoyingly they won't ship it down here.

Wouldn't it be great if you could stream some sort of image rss feed to it, from flickr perhaps? 

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