Monday 19 March 2007

More of the same

Flickr users like myself should be happy to find that there is a new feature called Collections, which allows you to categorize and organize Flickr photo sets.

Actually, it looks like you can go pretty deep with the whole Collections idea - creating not only collections of sets, but also collections of collections (up to 5 collections deep) - meaning that if you've got a lot of sets, you can set up a very organized folder structure-type collection of your photos, something i've been trying to do with Vista picture tagging. Also, sets can be placed into as many collections as you want, so the sky's the limit. 

A bunch of people have emailed, written and called to congratulate me on my engagement to Ingunn, which is very nice. Weddding planning (such as it is) is going pretty slowly, starting with a sleepy conversation on the beach about who we might invite, and how big a wedding might result. Baby steps.

I was mailed a link to this blog posting which i was told might be helpful, i liked number 1.

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