Sunday 22 October 2006

Ch-ch-ch Changing blog


Have made a couple of new changes to my blog, mainly layout but am also trialling out some new framework code so probably some errors.  Added a pretty basic image gallery, not sure whether to go with it or not when flickr is so good.  Some pics of Cairns up there for now.

Here is a great tool which allows you to play shoutcast  playlists from Windows Media Player.  Been looking for something like it for a long time. Actually the website Shoutcast is worth a mention itself.  I've been listening to radio stations on shoutcast for more than 5 years now - they have a selection of readio stations covering pretty much any genre of music you could possibly be interested in.  My current favourite is Root reggae - "S K Y . F M - Roots Reggae - the best of classic and modern Roots Reggae".

Just finished reading Senor Nice by Howard Marks, and Emperor by Stephen Baxter.  Apparently

Elvis was Welsh and the Romans could see into the future.


I'm been using skype alot more recently - my contact is for anyone who wants a chat.  Oh, does anyone know how to do a 3-way conference call with skype, not too sure how to get that one working?

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