Friday 6 January 2006

Viking baptism

Went to the baptism of Tim and Kristins baby, Sebastian, last night in a Norweigan church in Manly. My first one, and a very chilled experience it was too. Thanks Tim and Kristin (those waffles were well nice!)

Have you got a yahoo account? I have and i was about one click away from upgrading my free account to their subscriber version at the cost of $20 / yr. The primary motivation is for POP3 access of my yahoo email (which gmail offers for free) - not the 2gb storage space. Turns out there is a very handy little application called Ypops! which provides POP3 access to your yahoo mail for free! Been using it for a couple of days now with no probs (although i had to disable email scanning from my anti-virus app).

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