Sunday 18 December 2005

Mobs of Kangaroos

We went camping to Pebbly Beach this weekend, which is located in the Murramarang National Park about 4 hrs south of Sydney. Amazing beaches, rock platforms, gum forests, rainforest gullies and loads of kangaroos just lounging about in the hot hot sun. Thunder storms too, the first night there was an almighty one - lightning every 5 seconds and thunder which literally made the ground shake. Lying in a tiny tent, it was a quite an experience!

Click on the pic below to check out the weekend!

Not much other news though - managed to facture my arm last thursday; i was cycling down oxford st. and someone opened their car door without looking. I hit the doot at full pelt and ended up in the middle of the road with a VERY sore elbow! Broke the sunglasses i'd brought earlier that day too :-(
Have officially finished with Avanade, i am now on holiday until January 9th when I start contracting with Colonial First State. Not an easy decision, but the IT market is very good in Sydney at moment, and it is the ideal time to go contracting.
Going on holiday to Jervis bay for Xmas with a load of friends, then the Opera bar for New Years eve. Should have a great view from there.

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