Friday 15 February 2008

Scrambled Eggs ala Gordon Ramsay

I've always cooked scrambled eggs by just whisking them, stirring with a fork in a cup, putting in a pinch of salt, then cooking rapidly in a saucepan for a few minutes.  Usually served with some chopped up muchrooms fried too much.  However, things are changing from now on, I came across this recipe for scrambled eggs courtesy of Gordon Ramsay, and was blown away.  I think the secret is to not put the seasoning (salt + pepper) in too early.  Cooking the flathead mushrooms upsidedown and tomatoes like he did really worked well too, shall be trying that one again for sure. It don't really take any longer to prepare but tasted so much more flavoursome.

So, London here we come. Ingunn and I are packing our bags and heading back to the land of light humour and warm beer on the 20th March.  Stopping off in Malaysia for 5 days then arriving Tuesday 25th.  Trying to sell 5 1/2 years worth of accumulated junk in the preceeeding weeks has been tiresome and I just want to get there now.  So far we've sold the setee, bed, matress, outdoor furniture, bin, shoe rack, computer chair + desk, monitor, speakers, and probabaly fish tank.  By the end of this weekend we'll have a futon + couple of bean bags and that is pretty much it! Oh, and a car.

Why leave Sydney after nearly 6 years?  Lots of reasons, but the most important thing is that we aren't leaving for good, the Plan is to come back down in a year or two and buy a place as close to the beach as we can afford and live the life.  See how it goes, i'm definitely excited about London now though, especially with summer just around the corner Cool 

Here are some pics from my trip to the WhitSunday's in January, off to Jervis Bay in a couple of weeks so will try getting some more underwater pics there.  Sydney coastal waters have been churned up of late so have been doing more surfingf than snorkelling/diving.  Mind you, the surfing hasn't been all that great either.

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