Wednesday 27 February 2008

Google Docs

Have been updating my CV recently and decided to avoid installing MS Office and give Google Docs a whirl, in particular the word processing app.  It is about 50% there i'd say (compared to Microsoft Word).  Hardly surprising given Word is  mature product that has been around for ages.  Some features still missing

Can't pasted in images, i.e . you can't Ctrl-C copy, Ctrl-V PASTE an image into a document, or proportionally resize the image so it retains its aspect ratio.

Editing tables is tricky too, and undo seems only to work half the time. 

Mind you for basic stuff, like composing a CV, Google docs works for me and has spared me a 900mb install on my laptop, and I love the collaboration features - streets ahead of MS Office.


So, here's the (notquite finished) product.

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