Tuesday 10 April 2007


the Windows Key followed by the spacebar will bring the sidebar gadgets into context in Vista;  been bugging me for awhile that one.   Can see all the shortcuts here.

Spent the day Easter break in Sydney pottering about in our new car.  Blue Mountains again one day, Manly another and a spot fishing without any fish today. 

Currently trying to find cheap flights to London/Oslo.  Someone has written a handy sidebar travel wizard gadget which is proving invaluable.  We're planning on a ~3 week trip back to Europe to see friends and family..  very long overdue, although it'd be nice if some of you came down here to visit (hint hint)

This is a pretty interesting read: Technorati recently released their latest State of The Blogosphere report (renamed to something about the Live Web to avoid confusion with the Dead Web) chock full of statistics and pretty graphs.  Something like 120,000 new blogs are being created everyday, that's an enormous amount of user content, and makes you realise how big the web has become now.  Speaking of blogs, I entered mine in http://www.websitegrader.com/ - it got a measly 48/100 and a technocrati ranking of about 1,919,393.  I'm not sure but i think that means it is crap.  Oh well, no one reads this site anyway do they?

This made me laugh:


What do you get if you cross a pirate and a robot?


Arrrrr 2-D2

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