Sunday 30 April 2006


I like Digg. The whole concept makes a lot of sense - let the popularity of a submitted news item determine it's rank on the news site. I've put stuff in there and its gotten Digged.

Or should that be, It got Dugg? Anyway, I can Digg it. The site itself has a lot of good features (some of the comments on items are hilarious) but it also represents its own "UnDigging" if you will.

The problem is, there are alot of junk that really isn't newsworthy at all. Here's an example (very recent):


All of the above are really mediocre, mostly uninformative, but they still made it to the front page of Digg. I tell you, this is just not diggnified.

There's also some Digg Fraud going on where people get together and Digg something up to the top in order to encourage traffic which can result in DiggF*cking - the process of creating so much traffic to a site that it is brought down. Gettting traffic to your site is good,  but it's not good when a whole week's worth of it is concentrated into a single 20 minute blast filled with mostly curiosity - seekers!

There is good stuff on there - but you still have to filter it out. I like the DiggSpy page too - very good example of how an asynchronous webpart can be beneficial rather than just frills.

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