Wednesday 16 November 2005

Make google more interesting

Recently discovered a technique to craft google search queries inorder that they list the contents of unprotected directories on the internet. This allows you to directly access any music files, videos, pics etc.

An unprotected web directory is one that does not have an “index” file created for it, i.e "index.htm" or "index.html" or some other file type. If you try to access a non-password controlled directory that does not have an index file, the system will build a listing of files that are within the directory. If you get that, you can then access the files/folders directly.

So, need to construct a Google search query that searches for and recognizes these system built directory pages.

For starters, here is a google query that will give you a search results page of unprotected directories:

But, this is very vague - too many unknown program files, text files, web pages etc. To filter it down, you can look for something in the name of a file in the list, or by the file type, or both.

For example, this query tries to find any types of files about Jennifer Lopez. Within the directories you can see music, image and movie files.

To search any movie files (.wmv or.avi or .mpg):

or music files (.mp3 or .wma):

or images in (.jpg or .gif):

You can get more specific by specifying both the file types and a search word to hopefully find in the name. For example, the following query looks for the infamous Paris Hilton video tape:

Or, you can even take a guess at the file name someone might call it:

Make using google alot more interesting and I've found some well weird stuff up on the net!

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